Sunday, January 24, 2010


it all started with the Think Geek link that Andy "fixed". Buckyballs apeared and found my way to YouTube. now im here (once again i've stopped punctuating) and i start seeing video on magnetic generators. these generators can supposedly creat energy from permanent magnets. so the first website i click on wants me to buy something. i try to leave... and it wont let me. finally i get away and make my way to a new site. The Sealy Effect. this guy claims, by using certain rare metals, he can collect free electrons from the atmosphere and, with the help of some other metals and magnets, creat this multi-laye generator that will produce energy or torque (twisting motion). for every website i find, i find one that calls it a hoax. im reading previosly classified documents, watching videos, and reading comments from god knows who. so two hours later i've learned nothing about magnetic generators or buckyballs... in short I HATE THE INTERNET.


  1. Wow, I never thought I would be able to say this to you Capt'n... but... welcome to the internet, sir.

    How do you think it is that Biblio and I know so much random and 'only useful when you have the full attention of a drunk' information? We get lost in tangents that are sooooooo far from the original idea that by the end I'm looking up information on the history of Pi and completely forgot that I was looking up recipe's for enchiladas.


  2. Well shit! Now I want these little magnetic balls of fun even more!


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