Sunday, September 25, 2011

Found it!

Ok so here is the story, just to set things straight. The first part of the story is already documented here: 

Following this conversation my Co-Workers decided it would be funny to put pictures of unicorns all over my cube. There must have been at least 20 different pictures of pink unicorns and various unicorn accessories (purses, slippers, etc.) lining the top of my cubicle.  I thought it was funny and we had a good laugh, until the next week when they noticed that I still hadn’t taken down the pictures. 

“Um,…Are you going to take those down? They’ve been up for over a week now.”
“Nope, I’m going to leave them up and direct every question back to you.  This way you have to explain why my cube was assaulted with mythical creatures.”

This strategy backfired a bit because the only answer they gave was “Biblioteder likes unicorns.”  I wasn’t bothered by this response too much until upper management started to wander around.  More than one executive walked by, noticed the unicorns, noticed me, looked at the unicorns again, and stopped. 

“It’s kind of a long story.  Let’s just say, don’t mess with the admins”
“Ah…” *walks away shaking his head

I couldn’t let them get the better of me so I decided to have a little chat, which quickly degraded into me defending myself again. 

“Look, if I wanted to embarrass myself, I would show up to a meeting in my favorite carebear costume. “

Note, I have never owned a carebear costume, not that I wouldn’t mind.  They are pretty awesome.  Just imagine Whisky Bear spreading happy drunkenness everywhere, driving around in a van with a giant dog solving crimes and ruining the plans of Old Man Jenkins.  Good times, good times.


When I got back to my desk I did a quick Google image search for carebear costumes and sent them the first one I found. It wasn’t until after I sent the image did I realize that the person looks just like me plus or minus a few pounds.  Everyone in the office thought it was me and no amount of explaining would change their minds. 

So, now I have been labeled as the guy who can create any excel report needed, the unicorn fanatic and the one who likes to dress up as a carebear on the weekends……


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  1. so what your saying is now your coworkers really know you


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