Sunday, November 15, 2009

Most men my age

Most men my age have thought about it at least once in their lives. While standing outside contemplating the mysteries of life, like how the emptiness of a bottle can almost depresses us to a point near absurdity. A flash of movement caught by your peripheral vision and the first thought that goes through your mind is "where did I leave my bow and arrow?" because maybe, just maybe, it might be that pesky Trix rabbit and we are tired of those damn commercials where he is discriminated against. Never mind the fact that we never had a bow and arrow, we just want to rid him out of his miserable colorful fruit shaped sugar addiction once and for all. Instead we see a creature that has confused us for more than a decade now. We creep up to the tree using out best ninja skills so we can get a better look at this small creature and wonder:

"What kind of chipmunk are you?"

1 comment:

  1. That rabbit is such a pushover. I would like to see a more realistic approach to getting those Trix.. Hijacking them from their home at gunpoint, shoplifting, etc...
    Otherwise, why does he always make such a big spectacle of getting the cereal? Most other junkies are somewhat sly about it; or maybe it's simply because he is relapsing and really needs his fix. It's hard to come up with ideas when you are so emotionally disturbed.

    Bow and arrow may not be the best way to end it, possibly some psychologist can help him out? on second though, just shoot the poor bastard.



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