Friday, November 20, 2009

My child just tried to pee in the freezer...

Did I get your attention?

Let me paint the scene for you; I was driving home with two of the children in the truck, singing at the top of my lungs to Bohemian Rhapsody as dictated by man law article 2 section 3.4. The child somehow fell asleep before mamma killed a man, possibly in an attempt to avoid hearing my toneless rendition of "Mama Mia, let me go!" By the time we get home I have to drag him unceremoniously out of the truck and send him shuffling towards the door. He then proceeds to get a drink of water from the fridge and start toward the stairs, stops reverses and goes around the kitchen table almost stumbling into the cabinets. He makes his way to the trash can and proceeds to throw an imaginary piece of trash away then retraces his steps back towards the refrigerator, opens the freezer.... and attempts to pull his pants down. At this point I yell "Whoa, whoa....what are you doing?" He then gives me a look that I thought was only delivered by 14 year old girls, you know the one that makes me feel like an idiot for asking as if it was perfectly obvious as to what he is doing, and says "Going to the bafroom."

At which point he is directed rather quickly to the restroom.

Now I know that some of us at some point or another have been inebriated enough to preform a similar feet, but this is the first time that I have seen a child do it. Although I think one of us (not going to mention which one) got up in the middle of the night and kept running into the wall because he couldn't figure out how to open the door that wasn't there, dancing the whole time with one hand searching for the door knob and the other pinching his own nob.

While still asleep.

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  1. You forgot the part where I... I mean 'that person'... ran into the cabinets and ended up falling asleep on top of his own tent and didn't remember a thing.



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