Sunday, November 22, 2009

new news

OK. scince someone wont call me back and didnt talk to me for more that a min. this morning. i guess i will just have to put it on my blog.


there now you know and i expect you to be packing your bags. j/k

This in no way obligates "anyone" to quit their jobs and move 3,000 miles away. just thought it was somthing fun to blog about. give me a call when you get a chance i'll tell you all about it.

shit this is a blog is'nt it

apparently erin hadn't been feeling well for about a week. so she went online, like she always does, to check her symptoms. she was constantly tired, had a continuous headache and was feeling all around shitty. the all knowing "internet" told her she was pregnant so she went a took one of the pregnancy tests we've had laying around scince last year. POSITIVE. Imediatly she went to the store bought a brand new box of pee sticks and took two more tests. (after she came home, not in the sore or anything) both other tests were postive. she wanted to call me. i was at my 3rd of my manditory union meatings. she decided to wait to tell me the following day after work. after hearing the news i was extremely excited and wanted to tell everyone right then. she said we should wait for three months 'cause "it's not good to talk about till the 3 month mark". So on sunday we told her mom and day then went and told our mom and dad. thats pretty much the story.

now andy is and uncle and so is jake (again).

hope everything is good with you guys i'll talk to you later.


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