Sunday, November 15, 2009


Oddly, I seem to produce better works the more I procrastinate. Now, as we all know, this does not apply to everything, BUT, it has been doing me wonders for my speech writing.

I think for days on end about the subject matter, gather my data, articulate the structure to myself in my mind, even prepare an intro for myself and a mini outline (not on paper of course, or else I would have been doing real work). And then, the deadline comes up, and I have nothing on paper the night before.

I attempt to put it down onto a word doc, even type the title while staring at it thinking how ridiculous it actually sounds and how much no one in the room will care about that portion. I reinvent the content until it has almost nothing to do with what I initially was thinking. I then proceed to write about 10-15 words total on a couple of index cards and decide that I am just going to wing it. What I come up with while I am standing in a room full of peers and higher ups is much better than anything I ever could have put down on paper and mindlessly read aloud to the room.

But really, though, who cares much about increasing share of wallet and cross sale opportunities by reorganizing and restructuring the finap process and BI profiles of business clients?


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