Sunday, May 30, 2010

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i know i promises not to blog about the blog anymore but  it  thought that maybee one of you could figure out how to change something for me. i has been pissing me off for some time and i cant find the parameter to change. every time you click on a link it takes to that website and you are no longer in the blog site. is there a way to get it to open a new page when we click on a site.?


  1. Maybe Biblio can help us with this...

    I know the scripting necessary, not very complicated, just need to add - target="blank" - in the html line after the url BUT!! I changed all the links on our page to reflect this, it worked, I closed the screen, came back, and then it reverted to the original. If you can find a way to save the information after editing a specific element or script then I can change all of them...

    Still searching for the global change that will allow all future posts to reflect this script.

    Let me know what we come up with.


  2. sry, typo...

    meant to write



  3. I added the global tag but I don't like how every link opens a new window. Try it out a bit and let me know if you like it. We should be able to add the parameter one link at a time in each post as well.

  4. one link would work just fine.... first things forts. Thank You. anyway, one link would be fine , my only concern was leaving the blog. navagationg within the blog doesnt warrant a new window, in my opinion, but clicking links to other websites or blogs or what have you should be seperate so you dont always leave and once youve seen what you wanted to see you can go back to your business by simply closing a window and your right where you left off. i dont know if thats possible that just what i had in mind.

  5. I put it back the way it was. I will keep looking for a way to globally set all external links to the target _blank.

    To the general public:
    Don't laugh at our ineptitude. Do what we do and blame Capt'n Punc.


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