Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tip for the week: Mopeds

On Saturday night, when cops are driving around aimlessly looking for drunk drivers, it is never a good idea to jump on the back of a friends moped for a ride... even if you're just going a couple blocks ... because five cops will show up, hassle you about where your coming from (even though we can point to the location and read the sign visibly from where we are standing), waste a good hour and a half of your life while you listen to them all talk about who is going to give us the DUI test next (and they all did), and then instead of making you take a cab they will drop you off at your intended destination with no charge.

It kind of freaks out your friends, who are waiting about a half a block behind to make sure you're alright, to see you get into the back of a police car and drive away.


-no charges were filed by the way, we were both actually sober


  1. sounds like you need faster mopeds

  2. I call bullshit. Nobody drives a moped sober...


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