Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I think I have elves with a screwing problem.

Sounds like a low budget porn. To be fair they may have an unscrewing problem, which then makes it sound like porn from Alice in Wonder Land. I have been finding little screws all over my house, and I have no idea where they came from. Last night I stepped on a tiny screw that I swear could have been a rusty thumb tack. I searched the floor while balancing on one foot and holding the other, muttering half curse words because the kids were within earshot. “Son of a…What the f…Where the hel…I…ow!” Either I have a lot of items around the house that are on the verge of falling apart or I have some little creature dropping screws out of its pockets or there could be a some kind of mini metal robot running around shitting out screws all over the place, which would explain why the purple cat is scared to go downstairs.


  1. i think the elves name may be Tyler Tommy And Zach.

    i was looking for a video of a robot pooping. sounds easy enough. then i relized it had to be on you tube. of course i couldn't find one, but after hours of watching "Robot Popping Crews". i tripped over Wall*E. the ShopVac is the best.

  2. I also looked and couldn't even find a picture of robots pooping out screws. It must exist somwhere and I will make it my mission in life (weekend) to find it.


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