Monday, December 28, 2009


I like movies. all kinds of movies. indie films, old movies, chick flicks, Tarantino. some of my favorite movies have to be classics that made people stars... ie. Bull Durham, Enter the Dragon, Lethal Weapon. some of these movies might not be the actors first apearence but to me these movies are when i first noticed most of these actors. another of my favorite catagories is the "ensemble cast.". Such as the Empire Records, Reservoir Dogs, and most recently He's just not that into you. i know that most of these movies fall under two or more of my "favorite" catagories but that just brings me back to... I like movies.

recently i saw an indie film on HBO i believe. Bottle Shock. Bill Pulman, Hanz from Die Hard(can't remember his name a the moment), and some other known people. kinda slow to stat not knowing what the movie was about or where it was taking me but in its defense it did keep me interested the whole way trhought (till 11:00 on a tuesday). pretty good movie i suggest you record it or bit torrent it whatever it is you guys do with these contraptions.

anyway by this time i have forgooton where i was going with this and am now to hungry to concetrate anymore on this topic. hope you guys are doing well and to hear from you soon

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