Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tip for the week: Walking the Walk

In any business environment, if you propose an idea or a change to how things are done, be ready to go forward with said idea prior to making the proposal.

This saves you a lot of grief in the immediate future and definitely lets your idea come to life. I recently suggested we change a few things on the way we teach new personal bankers that come into our region and how we track sales and etc...

This was meant to be a 'suggestion' and not necessarily have the regional managers email me on what my plans are for setting this in motion starting next week. I spent the remainder of my weekend working up a ten step action plan with new guidelines... fun stuff.



  1. That is why I keep my mouth shut. Or go the ninja route; mention the idea to a few coworkes over drinks. That way I can claim it was their idea when/if it crashes and burns. If it is sucessful, I contributed to the idea and if management wants more information on who to lead the project, I have know idea what they are talking about.

  2. hey look at it this way. at least your superiors pay attention to your suggestions in the first play.... they at least understand that just because they themselves did not come up with the idea does not mean it is rediculous (?) or a waste of time.


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