Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sleep talking....

Remember those stories from Dad where he would talk to CaptnPunc while he was alseep and get all kinds of information from him? Apparently this guy has a serious problem with talking in his sleep. His wife, being a slight insomniac that she is and possessing a healthy sense of humor, started to record these nightly ravings, posting them in the intarweb for us all to share.

The blog of The Sleep Talkin' Man

Some of my favorites:
"Oompa loompas don't sing in heaven. They tidy up the clouds."

"Please just walk away. I don't want to have to stand here and say something so awesome that I'll have to remember it the rest of the day. Thank you!"

"Flap's on fire. Your flap's on fire! Chili in the vagiiiiina. I'm a bad bad boy."
Wife note: you guys have to image "chilli in the vagina" in a child's sing-song cadence. Creeeeepy

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