Monday, February 1, 2010

Damn you and your unannounced links

You can't post a link up called Smart People Forums.. and expect me to ignore it. I am supposed to be putting together some quarterly reports and preparing for a meeting and but nooooo; I am reading about the proper use (or proposed use) of overmorrow (it is a real word regardless of what the MS Word spell checker says and I'ma going to use it) and single words expressing “X Times” (once, twice, thrice, quice??, frice?, mice?, dice?, tice?, elevice?) and I have only viewed one thread. This report is due by the end of the day and I can’t stay la….ooooo….a thread on misheard phrases from childhood….just a peek at the first post…


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  1. ok that must have been funnel. i thought it was biblio... i guess ill have to give more credit to fcj.

    last night (10:30) figured i check the old blog... yadayadayada. 11:45. i ended my evening with the worst song lyrics... most ive never heard but terrible all the same.

    thanks fcj. im now more worried for you than i am for biblio.


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