Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you know where your towel is?

I have posted previously on my fondness for the silly and I would now like to provide a perfect example of such. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is a perfect example of the strange, silly and ridiculous. Originally it was written as a BBC radio series (1978), compiled into a book and eventually expanded to a 5 part trilogy (1979-1992), adapted to a T.V. series (1981), compiled into a graphic-less video game (1984), again recorded for a BBC radio program including the bits of the trilogy that were not originally recorded (2004-2005) and made into a movie where it confused 76% of the people who watched it (2005). The fun part is that each of these versions contains a slightly different story, making storyline purist shake with rage each time a debate breaks out over which version is better. How could I not like a collection as random as this? I was even caught paraphrasing this awesome fragment in the bar last night:
“[...] the renewed shock had nearly made him spill his drink. He drained it quickly before anything serious happened to it. He then had another quick one to follow the first one down and check that it was all right.

[…] and sent a third drink down to see why the second hadn't yet reported on the condition of the first. He looked uncertainly at both of her and preferred the one on the right.

He poured a drink down his other throat with the plan that it would head the previous one off at the pass, join forces with it, and together they would get the second to pull itself together. Then all three would go off in search of the first, give it a good talking to and maybe a bit of a sing as well.

He felt uncertain as to whether the fourth drink had understood all that, so he sent down a fifth to explain the plan more fully and a sixth for moral support.”

*Dates stolen from Wiki

Recently a site was presented to me through some random forum on the inter-tubes. A strange smile spread across my face and there was a twinkle in my eye as I started to collect the files that were presented there. I know that FCJ has heard the original series before and don’t think CaptPunc has any inclination to invest the time needed to really get the full effect but I thought I would share anyway.


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  1. The best part about this was that literally the day after this post was made, my GF's neighbor (I man I just met) lays out this same exact quote right before we go bowling... I felt as if I was about to embark on some epic adventure.

    ...and if you're wondering if he knew the meaning behind it when he said it, he did... I was thoroughly impressed.



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