Saturday, March 6, 2010


ok so i will be the first to admit it. i am like mom in more ways than id like to admit sometimes. when she was on one of her many visits to Hillcrest. somehow she, and one of her friends, got on the topic of coconuts. then she proceded to describe a movie, of which she does not know the title, the actors names, or the context of exactly how the coconuts fit into the seen. after discussing the scene with me and father, she felt a little embarassed but i assured her that it happens to all of us. "us" being any of her children.

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  1. It's sad, I know, but I regularly tell people the 'big old jet and RHINO' story. It makes it so much more fun when I begin to describe how absolutely serious she was.

    I love the fact that I have so many stories of our mother, we could say I have a whole 'group' of them... "mom, it's GRIP, G R I P!!"



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