Thursday, April 29, 2010

My boys are growing up...

Upon returning from my vacation I sat down at my desk with the intention to write a witty post about my experiences and the people I met while immersed in the world of Disney and promptly drew a blank. Most of the trip was fairly basic, spending time with the family, asking the kids to be quiet, standing in line, “yes we will get lunch soon”, “ok let's look for a bathroom”, “no I don't know when we are leaving”, “yes, you can go in the pool when we get back”, “no, you can't have ice cream for dinner”. You know, the basics. There was one major realization that I was not fully prepared for; my children are becoming men.

I don't mean in the obvious ways; I didn't catch them checking out the cute girl in a tight tank top and itty bitty shorts (I love summer) and I didn't catch them quickly changing the channel on the tv as I walked in. It was some more obscure events that made me realize that my boys are growing up. Child3 was dancing in line holding his crotch because he has to pee right now, no he can't wait until after the ride, it didn't matter that he just went. I swear we know where every bathroom is located in the magic kingdom. He rushes into the bathroom and dances in front of the urinal while trying to unzip his pants, leans his head back and releases with a big “Ahhhhh.” I swear he even gave a shiver, a small jump and possibly got goose bumps, I think he may have lost his balance as well and had to steady himself on the tiny privacy barriers.. Keep in mind that I am positioned at the urinal next to him (ok not the one right next to him but two over as dictated by man law #55) and as I witness the events that are taking place on the edge of my field of vision (my eyes are focused on the single tile piece in front of me, man law #54) I realize that my boy is growing up.

Later in the week Child2 had a moment that made me cringe and laugh at the same time. Yes, he had a nut shot moment. The boys were playing on some Disneyish jungle gym when Child2 comes running over with tears in his eyes and his hands protecting his bait and tackle. “What happened?” I asked. “I whhss clibamandg on th and I slielshhd and hryt my nafa.” A gentlemen who saw the event translated for me; “I was climbing the rope bridge and I slipped and fell on my wiener!” I immediately started to laughed and was promptly smacked by Bibliowife; “Be nice, he's in pain.” I tried to comfort him the same way any father would. I told his to get over it he will be fine and this isn't the first time he is going to get hurt this way, all while unsuccessfully hiding a giggle.

Child1 has also decided that since he has the privilege of turning double digits, he doesn't want to be associated with the family anymore. I can't tell if this is because he is too cool for us or he simply thinks that he can have more fun the further away he is. Whatever the reason he seems to always be lagging behind at least 10 feet and can't seem to walk the same speed as us no matter how much I try and direct him. I thought this behavior was at least a few years away but apparently I was wrong and now I am unprepared to deal with it. It may not seem like a big deal and initially it is just an annoyance that I am always yelling “Child1! Catch up.” But I know that this is just the beginning, soon he will refuse to speak to any of us unless he wants something and to be honest I am looking forward to that stage.


  1. man law #71 states that you must laugh when someone gets hit in the nuts... it doesnt mention age. as for child1 you just need to get one of those kiddie leash things that looks like a monkey backpack. if you really want him to be quiet you could always buy hime an i phone and download him some aps...

  2. Aww, that child 2 story was so cute.


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