Sunday, April 18, 2010


There is something about cell phones that makes me laugh. The primary reason is the unexpectedness of the cell phone ring as it relates to the person owning the phone. Not only does the ring make you question what type of person is standing in front of you, but it makes you wonder just how in the hell the person decided to use that particular ring so that everyone in the room can hear it when someone calls them. Here is what prompted this:

A late 40's to early 50's professional looking woman is standing in front of me at work. She is on a rant about how unprofessional the service she received recently was, due mainly to the fact that she assumed far too much and didn't pay attention when the rep gave her advise and told her what was to happen next. The scenario isn't too much of an issue, besides that professionalism rant, except I want you to imagine a thin, slightly attractive, pantsuit wearing, middle-aged woman talking to me when her phone starts ringing. The embarrassment that overcame her was priceless.

'I like big butts and I cannot lie. Them other brothers can't deny, that when a girl walks in ... etc.'

Keep in mind, gents, that we have a line of over 20 people. Our bank is located in a grocery store and there are two lines of shoppers at the checkout stand roughly 10 feet from her. Her ring tone was obviously on 'super extra loud obnoxious' (technical term for the type of phone she had). Everyone, I mean everyone around her stole more than a couple of glances. So much so that she couldn't look even me in the eye any longer. She promptly apologized for being so rude, packed up her things, and left the building in a hurry.

Now why, if she is SOOOO OBVIOUSLY EMBARRASSED about this, does she CHOOSE to have this as her ring tone? It reminds me of something that Biblio once told me, written so eloquently in this XKCD post.

I have made damn sure that if I choose to have an actual song as my ring tone that the only part that people hear is the instrumental intro to the song. I will splice and loop if I have to.


  1. too funny. you should get the ringtone from the geico commercial... and kudos on posting a blog this month nice to hear from you.



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