Monday, May 17, 2010

Drunken Master

Three day vacations inspire me to do nothing, especially considering the rarity of having even two days in a row off. So, being the lazy bum I am, I spent that time mainly watching movies.

The new subscription to NETFLIX helped tremendously, giving me access to thousands of movies online and recommending the shitty ones to me regularly. There's no telling what you'll find once you begin your online search, but, based on my personal movie habits and ratings and such, it suggested Drunken Master.

I have not seen this movie probably since I was ten and I realized that I had never really watched it all the way through, or bothered to get that into it. It really is a good movie! My one main criticism is the dubbing... Jackie Chan whines the entire movie and I prefer subtitles any day.

What I wanted to mention, though, is that I think Karate Kid stole a lot of it's plot from Drunken Master. A disturbed teenager learns to become a better person and change his life through the use of a martial arts master... Being taught all kinds of seemingly unnecessary things before learning the fighting techniques. I just couldn't help but think that they stole some of these ideas.


By the way, I realize that this is probably the same plot to many different martial arts movies, I just thought it felt especially like a rip off given the training techniques.



  1. ahhh yess... biblio has the subtitled copy on vhs(not that anyone can play that anymore). and one more piont in your paradox jackie chan has remade the karate kid with jayden smith.. im excited personally but biblio and the captains wife dont.

  2. I don't see how you can be excited about Karate Kid 5, it looks like total crap and I haven't even seen the trailer yet. Hollywood has already destroyed my childhood memories with movies that never should have been made. The next thing you know, they will be making a movie about the Smurfs.

    ...well shit.

  3. i had to read it twice... im not interested. but here is the trailer for karate kid... Looks pretty coool?!


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