Friday, June 18, 2010

Daddy shower??

If you have ever wondered why the dad doesn’t get a baby shower or gifts, keep in mind that not all of the products that the new mother receives will be solely used by the infant. The new father will quickly become very familiar with items like:

Baby Bottle Brushes. New mom will only do the first few weeks, then the lovely job of trying to get the fermenting milk out of the corners of that damn plastic hexagon shaped liquid container will be passed onto the one man with the patients to handle the task.

Seat Savers. Savers? Ha! I have seen many of these over the years and I have yet to see one saved seat. Oh sure, I have seen a few that managed to protect the fine fabric from a minor (read – less than four drops) spill. But I have yet to witness a seat that that didn’t get cereal crumbs, cookie fragments and sticky somethings wedged under the protector and continually ground into the plush ass cushion. I will say that I do take particular pleasure on those days when we need to remove the car seat and protector to transport an adult and I open the door and present the visitor with their protected seat slightly brighter than the rest of the seats due to lack of sunlight and full of Cheerio dust and smile as they try to sit comfortably on a cushion that has been permanently indented by the constant pressure of the vice like grip the seat belt has had on the piece of plastic securing my child.

Nipple Butter?
Ummmmmm I’m still not sure if this is for the baby or new dad. Either way I think I’ve seen a few movie that feature this product. Read the review for this product and you can almost image the dressing room of a strip club or behind the scenes of an adult film.


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