Monday, June 14, 2010

Filet o ....

Filet Mignon = Fantastic mouth watering beef (that's what she said)

Filet o Fish = A religious alternative to the big mac

Filet o Finger = Ouch!

Fun fact: zip ties will cut if you are stupid enough to attempt to break it with your bare hands.

I tried to rip off a zip tie from Bibliochild1's new bike when I quickly realized that I couldn't do so. Whilst searching for something to cut the offending piece of plastic, I noticed that there was a little bit of blood accompanying the stinging that was present in the crease of my finger. “hmmm” thought I. “I should probably clean that” So I did the first thing that any red blooded male would do, stuck the finger in my mouth. “Son of a.....! Maybe I should clean it properly.” So I head to the hose and pour water over the wounded area, washing off the blood and looking for the cut. That is when I noticed that there was a largish flap of skin that was bleeding quite profusely.




    apparently the assembly company for bibliochilds bike did not have one of these nifty devices. these are envied, borrowed and stolen troughout the jobsite. the tighten the zip-ty as much as you want and when your ready to cut... it rounds the cut end of the ty! its amazazing. only a $150 invesment to save customers, like yourself, from learning the hard way that ziptys are sharp. i would call and complain.

  2. Oddly enough, it wasn't the end that mutilated my finger. It was the edge that slid under the first few layers of skin and dug into my finger joint.


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