Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Has This Ever Happened to You?

A song starts with a familiar intro; you start to bob your head and a smile creeps onto your face. Maybe you start your special dance moves that you normally reserve for this song. Your excitement builds as the opening lyrics present themselves on the tip of your tongue and you prepare to belt them out while launching into your rhythmic gyrations; oops….you started singing a bit to early, the words start on the next down beat…wait for it….you take a deep breath, prepared to finish off the entire first verse with one breath in sync with your masterful hip thrusts. Then it happens; these aren’t the lyrics you remember; you’ve been duped; this is completely different song that samples the music of your favorite song. “What the fuck is this?” you scream as your body is thrown off rhythm temporarily. Your body automagically adjusts to your default dance moves while your brain furiously attempts to process what went wrong.

This happened to our Father this weekend during a wedding reception, granted he was 3 sheets to the wind but hot damn it was funny. Pops and Bibliowife were dancing whilst I was entertaining the wife of Capt'n Punc. Capt'n Punc. himself was hiding from potential dance partners altogether, stating that he was tired or some other excuse. The intro to Werewolves of London comes on and Pops’ face lights up. He even started to sing part of the chorus before the lyrics began, giving the dance floor a taste of a heartfelt “Ahooooooo!” an early promise of what was to come if the song was to continue. Capt’n Punc. made the prediction “The funny thing is, Pops doesn’t know which song is playing.”

Then it happened, Kid Rock’s voice bursts from the speakers and Pops, momentarily thrown for a mental loop because the opening lyrics didn’t match those that were sloshing around in his vodka saturated mind, stops in mid groove, throws a dirty look at the DJ, looks at Bibliowife and exclaims “What the fuck is this?” Then, only as our Father can do, reverts to his standard dance pattern (which still puts my ‘dancing’ to shame) while giving Bibliowife a rundown of the lyrics and how to perform the chorus properly…..and table 8 erupted in laughter.


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  1. there are quite a few songs that do this exact thing to people on a daily basis or close to a daily basis. i'm sure there are actually more than i can think of. two that come to mind: The Offsprings - Pretty Fly (for a white guy)/ Def Leppards - Rock of Ages ; vanilla ice's - ice ice baby / Queens - Under Pressure.

    the capt'ns wife (?) adds mc hammers - cant't touch this / rick james - super freak how shes knows those two songs we may never know.


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