Thursday, October 21, 2010

Piano Capt'n?

BiblioWife is no longer allowed to yell at me for impulse buying because nothing can compare to the recent purchase of a certain family member. Large purchases in itself are not that big of a deal because with the exception of one bacheloring jack-ass living it up in Hawaii*, we each have families and homes that require lots of attention (read “throw money at”) from time to time. It wasn’t the cost of the item but the mere size of the object that made me stop mid stride while my brain tried to find a reason why such a purchase was necessary. A few long seconds later brain finally gave up in protest and in an attempt to understand the situation I put some intelligent questions to said family member:

- “Wait, what?” --obviously my intelligence knows no bounds
“I bought a piano.”
- “Huh?” --see a theme here?
“Dude, it’s awesome”
- “Yea ok, but you don’t play the piano.”
“Not the point”
- “Does Capt’n Wifey play?”
“No, but it looks awesome in the living room.”
- “Please tell me it’s a keyboard that you have on your coffee table.”
“No, it’s a full size upright piano”
- “Wait, did you say living room? Where exactly?” --their living room is already full of furniture and to be honest is a little on the smallish side….similar to our father.
“On the North wall, by the front door.”
- “Where did you put all the stuff that was there?”
“Over somewhere…but it looks awesome.”
- “…”

Congratulations on your new purchase my friend. I hope it brings many years of awesomeness to your living room. Maybe Capt’n OxenFree will grow to learn and eventually fill your home with the sound of padded hammers banging on taught strings.

*OK not really, it just sounds like he should be and I've been jealous ever since the stories of his first week sparked my imagination.


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  1. Yep! thats pretty much what it looks like. not quite as big but in my "smallish" livingroom im sure it has the same feel. Hopefully "Oxenfree" will have much larger hands and longer fingers than his fathe thus helping him better to play the monstrosity that now overwhelms my "smallish" livingroom (i used spell check on monstrosity) (twice)


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