Monday, November 15, 2010

Manly Men…

I just shared a moment with my kids that made me grin.  The plan for the night was to pick up the kids and get home as quickly as possible so I could start the BBQ in time to have dinner before the kid’s bed time.   Being successful in my mission I decided to make the entire meal outside and proceeded to throw on tri tip, a few steaks and some potatoes.  Noticing that it was quite nice outside, I decided to start a fire in the outdoor portable fireplace (a manly item is there ever was one) and warm my ass while I cook.  Taking it one step further we decided to eat outside next the fire and watch a movie on the lappy.  

Bibliowife was at school, leaving just the four of us men, eating steak and potatoes outside next to a roaring fire watching a manly movie.  OK, so it was Disney’s Robin Hood (Oo-de-lally), but it was still a really cool moment.


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