Friday, January 14, 2011

Moving Out...

It's interesting, the things one finds while cleaning out their room to get ready for a move. For one, the girlfriend probably had more clothes and nik-nacs than I; for two, I didn't really grasp how many godamn hangers I have in my closet...

The one thing in particular that got me was a little ceramic jar with a lid on it. It is dark blue and has a Bank of Hawaii logo on it. When I found it, it was wrapped in a clear plastic and tied at the top with twine, similar to a present. It took me a second to remember where it had come from and the story behind it... goes back to my management training days and the last class that I had of my program.

Inside is said to contain a puzzle piece, an eraser topper (plain pink), a highlighter, a rubber band, two paperclips, a bandaid, a piece of twine, and something else.

The erase to remind us that when we make mistakes we can try to go back and fix them. the puzzle piece because we are all part of a bigger picture and have our own way of fitting in, rubber band because we are supposed to be able to mold to ever situation, etc...

I hope you can all see the trend here.

Maybe it's just because I'm having a hard day, but the last items in the jar made me laugh. I pulled everything out and realized that the bulk of the jar was filled with trash, crumpled up paper to take up space. It seems to me if this jar is supposed to be an uplifting thing that we can look back on, why fill it primarily with trash. Is it to remind us that all of the stuff that we do to get ahead is simply trash and bullshit? Is it to remind us that only every once in a while we are supposed to use these things but the rest of the time we are to float along and be worthless. Kind of an interesting jar... I threw it away.


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