Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Girl That Sits Next To Me At Work


I know, I know... You have been doing this job for seven years. I know that none of the five locations that you have worked at in those seven years have respected you enough to want to keep you for any extended period of time. I know that when you complain constantly no one, for some inexplicable reason, gives you the time of day anymore. I know that the managers should never ever ever ever ask anyone to move their desk because of the job function that they hold and the fact that it would be better for the branch to operate at optimal levels (who wants that anyways). And I known that anyone younger than you should never ever know more than you.

It's just that, well, no one likes you.

I will try to put this as nicely as I possibly can: You are a bitch and everyone around you is tired of it.
Please learn that when someone is on the phone with a customer in front of them the fact that your printer isn't set up correctly is not my problem until after they leave. Please learn that when you complain about everything, like how you need to use the other desk you were at for medical reasons that have never been declared (desks are identical in size, shape, feel, smell, magical powers, etc...), people start to get a little bit upset and no longer take you seriously. You know that the managers talk to HR about you daily, right? It just so happens that up until now they have lacked the testicular fortitude to do anything about it. Oh, and they don't play favorites because they like me soooo much, it's just that they don't like you. Good luck in the next few months.

I am so fed up with this bitch I just had to rant. Sorry. No funny anecdotes today.

Check out this video instead.


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