Sunday, June 5, 2011


ive officially given up on punctuation i know ive always been lacking in that department or sometimes using it in the wrong context so i have
just given up on it altogether plus i have not posted in a long time and thought i would get some more attention for myself

like from maybe morocco


  1. A complete lack of punctuation not only makes a sentence difficult to write and understand but it makes ones typing capabilities severely diminish furthermore i cannot stand the thought of having a single run on sentence unless it is embedded deep within a great work fiction or non fiction for that matter it really doesnt matter as a matter of fact i dont think it has ever been done i mean how could it be it would have to be one of the funniest things i ever saw like if for example you were reading a great Shakespeare work and all of a sudden a twenty minute long rant on the interworkings of the workabouts of punctuation and how confusing it would all be if there were no punctuation and no control or flow or substance involved in writing at all i like cheese im just saying anything is possible and even if water balloons were involved in the war of 1812 i would still be excited that we won. <-- period


  2. did we win the war of 1812


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