Monday, January 2, 2012

LOTR (Lord of the Rings) vs Star Wars

Had a request to post this, an email between myself and a friend (coworker) of mine. It is rather brief without much back and forth, I hope that some will add their own thoughts and ideas...
Worker#2 ...
So what's your opinion on Star Wars Vs. LOTR? What is better to you?

FCJ: ...
As for Star Wars Vs LOTR... it's not really a fair comparison. The original Star Wars were ahead of their time, epic in the terms of movie production and special effects that were available for their time. Acting was terrible and the story line a little thin with not a lot fully explained unless you read the large number of books to follow. I have to admit I love the Ewoks, wish I could move things with my mind, and always thought Princess Leia was hot. LOTR on the other hand, loved the books and movies, love The Hobbit, and I can really get wrapped into his world. I have a profound respect for Tolkien's work as he not only created the ideas for the worlds and the different characters (some obviously stolen from folklore and legends and such) but he created an entire world that I am sure he thought he lived in. He actually created an entire language to support his obsessions. IF I were to pick between the two, I would have to say LOTR, and it might only be because I have seen Star Wars soooo many times.

Worker#2: ...
I'm slightly surprised at your Star Wars vs. LOTR question, only because the old Star Wars are some of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. Not that LOTR is not up to par, but the dynamic of the trilogy of Star Wars is of epic proportions! Watching Luke grow from an immature boy to a hardcore Jedi Man was amazing! Return of the Jedi is my favorite movie of all time! I love Hoth and the Degobah system. Yoda's first apperance is surley priceless! What happened to the awesome muppets?? Like the Dark Crystal great for words. Sorry getting off topic. I love LOTR, but because it is one of the best trilogies of OUR time. I agree with your take on Tolkens world, and can't wait for the Hobbit movie, if it ever comes out. They are both so amazing, but Star Wars has a power over me :) I do have some action figures from both movies though, and of course Star Trek, which is another topic entirely! Sorry if my spelling sucks! We definitly need to have a conversation in person I feel a debate coming on! Beers and debate is there anything better?...

It went on a little further, but there were so many other things mixed in that it became difficult to retract without ruining the whole thing...



  1. No comparison at all. Star Wars was a shit movie that was way ahead of its time as far as production values, special effects and marketing power. The plot was lack luster and even the actors didn't take it seriously while filming it (see the making of documentaries). Do I enjoy them? Of course I do and will defend them in any drunken bar argument, but they are still just movies, the rest of the world came afterwards by fans and "licensed" writers.

    LOTR can't be judged by the movies because they are only the tip of the Middle Earth iceberg. Tolkien built a world, multiple races of people each with a fully developed belief system and well documented lineage and at least 3 full languages complete with translation sheets and grammar rules. Tolkien did steal bits and pieces from existing mythology but that was mainly because he was trying to create a mythos that England could lay claim to. Most of the English legends actually originated in other countries and there was no proof of any popular legend originating in the British Isles.

    The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are some of the greatest examples of puppetry (muppetry?) in cinema and in my opinion are way underrated, David Bowie's package aside.

  2. So Patrick Rothfuss just posted this I thought it fit in well with this topic.


    Since the link above didn'r work


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