Friday, April 20, 2012

So... I Drive Faster Now

So... I drive faster now.

I recently (like five months ago) purchased a new head unit (CD player/stereo thing) for my car and have just now installed the thing.

Listening to my own music seems to make my average MPH increase just a little (10-15). I feel as if I am sixteen again, zipping around corners, rolling stop signs, etc. I'm sure that just by installing this little unit will get me a ticket sooner or later.

I remember when I was ~12 years old and Biblio had been driving for a number of years. There are so many stories I could tell (jumping railroads in the Astro Van...) but the thing that sticks out to this day was a couple of comments he made when we used to travel together on the way to church or youth group.

I recall two things:

1. Rage Against the Machine will cause one to drive 10-20 miles an hour faster than usual, probably why it was one of the first CDs that was lost in my room (stolen from Biblio's).

2. Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight is the song that one should play if ever trying to, ummm, build on the relationship.

Thank you for the tips over the years Biblio, please feel free to add your own rememberings.


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  1. I used to have two mixed tapes in my car; one labled "Take Your Time" and the other "Are You Late?" The first was filled with Cat Stevens and Steve Miller Band that I could relax with on my drive. The other had Metallica, Rage, and Silverchair.

    Reminder: Clapton's Wonderful Tonight should only be played at the end of the night. Trying to use teh song too early may result in the rolling of eyes and alone sexy time....


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