Sunday, February 10, 2013

I think it's time he learned...

I was fighting with the BiblioChild3 for dominance of the comfy chair.  Things were going as planned; I was only paying partial attention to the battle while the rest of my attention was on focused elsewhere when he cheated. The little shit bit me.  Granted he was pinned, inverted, and out of options but that’s just…..not cool. 

He knew it was out of bounds too because he ran upstairs giggling the entire way knowing that I wouldn’t spend the energy to chase him. Instead, I attempted to shake him to his core with a masterly use of linguistic threats.  

“You cheated you little booger!” 

I’m no Shakespeare but I can deliver the goods when necessary. 

 He responded with <giggle giggle giggle>”That’s what you get.”<giggle giggle giggle>

“You had better not come back down here or I will give you a proper Charlie Horse.”

He broke into a new fit of giggles as he ran upstairs.  2 minutes later he was already itching to come back down. Making it to the landing, he asks “Dad, what’s a Charlie Horse?”


  1. Did you tell him Charlie is Sarah Jessica Parker's cousin? All in all though I think we are just starting to get old, some of us more so than others. I know you might be using the phrases you did to limit the amount of verbal abuse the child has to suffer, but I caution you to watch yourself. One day it may creep into your general vocabulary. I'll tell you what though, if you ever end up calling me a little booger I will slap you, just to get you back on the right track.


  2. Today I learned that the term Charlie Horse is not longer hip. It's a wonder that I can hold up my pants....



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