Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney Fanboy

I have come to realize that I am a Disney fanboy. I love the history behind Disney, the parks, the movies, the innovation, and the music.  Sure, I'm an "adult" male over 30 who uses his kids as an excuse to go see the latest Disney flick in the theater but I take no shame in admitting that I love just about every major release.  The storylines can be cliché, predictable, and according to some carry questionable themes but I still enjoy the ride. 

I've even gotten to the point where I watch a movie just for to hear the music.  This habit is great on long car trip where I don't need the visuals to experience the movie.  I just let it play and let my mind fill in the visuals based on the audio alone.  Recently I've been hooked on the soundtrack to Frozen and have been walking around the house singing "Do you want to build a snowman?" Much to my wife's chagrin. 

I've been known to look for covers of various songs just to see what I can find. So I get all giddy when I stumble upon a crowded bar drunkenly singing the background lines to "A Whole New World" or a little girl singing "Let it Go" to the best of her ability.  But so far my all time favorite is this glorious masterpiece.


  1. When I go to karaoke bars... I get angry because the "A Whole New World" that they usually have listed is not the Disney version. Then I remember I'm 28. And a guy.

    Biblio? they should call you Mario.


  2. Cause you've been 1 up'd!!

    -thanks, I feel better now.



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