Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comic Strips

Many years ago in a cubicle far, far away, sits a bored analyst.  He has finished his work early but chose not to tell anyone lest more work is assigned, plus he told them it would take a week longer than actually necessary.  The only thing keeping our hero's eyes open is the irresistible need to click the "next" button.  
Let me explain. 

I would often find myself in a position where I would have to look busy instead of actually being busy.  Part of this was laziness and another part was playing the long game with management.  If I were to let them know that their request only took 10 minutes, instead of the 2 days that I told them it would take, I would just end up with more work and shorter deadlines.  So I had two options: ask for more work or keep myself busy until I felt that enough time had passed.  Eventually I found webcomics. 

The first one I found that really caught my interest was UserFriendly where I got to read about a friendly little dust puppy, aptly named Dust Puppy, play Quake and help the IT staff install windows 98. Then I found Sluggy comics, PVP, Sinfest, and many, many more.  Even a few that …..I shouldn't have accessed from my work computer. 

Inevitably I migrated back to the comics I truly hold dear.  The Sunday morning comics that arrive on my doorstep each week.   Comics that have been around for many years along side some new ones that are still struggling to find a voice.  Garfield, B.C.,Zits, Peanuts, The Far Side, and my personal favorite : Calvin and Hobbes.

There are many sites and articles that go into great detail about Bill Watterson and his copyright struggles, the Sunday morning format battles, and his utter refusal to commercialize any of his characters.  I have a few of his book around the house and even got the Biblio kids hooked onto Calvin's shenanigans.  There are a few tribute strips out there in the same style that I 've come to enjoy quite a bit as well.  


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