Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I smell....I smell...Peetree

Sometimes I forget that small generational gaps between two individuals can lead to totally different childhood experiences. Sure there are cultural and economic differences but some experiences are fairly universal during childhood.  Kids movies fore example; most people my age got to experience the same 80's animation that I was exposed to and we can bond over favorite scenes or quotes.

My coworker (Princess McFuzzy Britches*) showed me a pictures of a rock formation, presumably something that she wants to climb.  My first response was: "That looks like Little Foot's mom".  To which see replied "…."  The following exchange then took place:

Me: Littlefoot?
R: …
Me: Tree stars?
R: Um….
Me: You're telling me that you have never heard of The Land Before Time?
R: What year did it come out?
Me: '88ish
R: Ah, I was going to concerts during that time.
Me: But that means that you never got to experience the sadness that this movie generated.
R: Isn't it a kids movie?
Me: Yes…it had happy moments as well.  What about An American Tail?
R: …
Me: Fievel?
R: Now you are making this up.
Me: You've never heard the tear jerker of a song "Somewhere Out There" and the rousing attack of the Giant Mouse of Minsk that chased all the cats off he pier?
R: The giant what?
Me: Did you see any movies in the late 80's - early 90's?
R: Not very many. I was out partying while you babies sat in front of the television.
Me: What about The Chipmunk Adventure?  Songs like "I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi like you very much" should have landed on your radar. It was easily one of the best songs to come out of the 80's.

To make matters worse, she somehow missed most of the family movies that were prominent during my childhood; with the exception of Molly Ringwald movies. Go figure. It saddens me that this mother of two will never experience the adventure of a hot air balloon race around the world; never understand humiliation of the truffle shuffle; the joy at learning that someone is only mostly dead; never share in the exhilaration of riding a luck dragon; the sadness of losing your mother to a Sharptooth attack; the fear of an appliance left behind, destined for the car crusher; the utter betrayal of Hoggle or the package of Bowie.

*It's worth noting that the Princess has been trying to give herself the nickname O'ren Ichi thus violating rule # 5 of of the friendship code: thou shalt not give thy self a moniker; one shall be bestowed upon thee. 

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  1. Hey Bibliotender, Your mama must be very proud.


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