Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Music Evolution

My first CD was a an album by Salt-N-Pepa , which I've never learned how to spell properly until now.  My second CD was some single by an R&B artists that the girl I fancied at the time was into.  Eventually my cousin turned me onto the scam that was Columbia House mail order CDs.  I immediately signed up for the free CDs that my cousin recommended to me and signed my soul over to Columbia House.

My collection quickly grew to include Pink Floyd, Metallica, Primus, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and many others.  I have a very distinct memory of my cousin telling me that I needed to listed to this new album that was destined to be huge and he "knew about it" before anybody else.  That album was Temple of the Dog. Keep in mind that this was pre internet days ; the only way to hear about music was to listen to the radio or take advice from friends and buy the albums.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes you were left with a CD that was destined to become a coaster.  

In high school I was an avid consumer of anything that Alice in Chains produced but once I started driving I needed something faster. That's when I learned about Rage Against the Machine and Metallica's earlier albums.  Sure I stayed in the mainstream for the most part but I was enjoying what I could find.  I wasn't one to listen to the radio too much, too many commercials and repeat songs, so I borrowed and copied as many CDs as possible . 

Looking back, I notice that I tended to listed to music that got my blood boiling and amped me up.  Rage Against the Machine, Metallica, STP, and Primus really helped fuel my energy levels but I still had a soft spot for some acoustic tracks.  I'm sure my brothers both have vivid memories of waking up to Rage blasting through the vents connecting our bedrooms. As I get older, I tend to lean more towards the acoustic versions of the songs that I enjoy or, even better, my favorite band doing acoustic renditions of their songs (or covers).  MTV's unplugged series has a lot of flaws and criticism about commercialism and selling out but damn if it doesn't deliver some amazing versions of songs that I constantly listen to.  

As I type this, I'm listening to Nirvana's cover of "Where did you sleep last night" and I get shivers every time I hear Curt's voice crack.  Clapton's classic album is the golden standard for acoustic renditions. STP and Alice in Chains unplugged concerts have had a constant presence on my playlist ever since their release.  I'm not sure if my tastes have changed to favor acoustic performances or if I've just gotten old.  It's not just songs from my past toned down, I've come to love any acoustic version of a song that is done well.

Whisky ran out….post over….

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