Friday, April 2, 2010

I’m not sure why this image makes me giggle in that quite way that makes me sound creepy. Maybe it’s the thoughts that this little fish took so long to set up the back board and went through the painstaking work of attaching the net with those ineffective flippers. I can just picture him swimming with a little hop in his paddle to his bubble emitting sea chest guarded by the old timey diver. He looks in the mirror, flexes a few times, take a few deep breaths and puts on his headband and goes to look for the ball.

He is so excited that you can read his thoughts just by looking at his face: ‘Yea boy, I’m gonna hoop it up and show that little angel fish my skillz. She will be so impressed that I am and sure to get some fin tonight! All I gotta do is find that ba…ll….well shit.”

*Image stolen from Amazing Super Powers


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