Friday, March 2, 2012

How did we get on this topic?

People sometimes ask what my brothers and I talk about.  I've often said that it really isn't that interesting and taken out of context doesn't make much sense at all.  For example

Capnt Punc: I'm the other brother
FCJ: We call him the OB
DoubleDTender: The ob?
Bibliotender: Yea, OB and this is GY.  They call me N
DoubleDTender: Why N?
Bibliotender: OB,GY,N
DoubleDTender: I don't get it….

She didn't get it and we were giggling too hard to try and explain.  Sure it doesn't make sense, but it almost follows a logical pattern.  There are some nights where we find ourselves deep into  a conversation and have no idea how we got there.   During these frequent moments we usually try to bring someone else into the conversation, usually leading to their great confusion. 

Sometimes a person's stupidity (or ignorance as the case may be) can be what sets us off.  We don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but there are times when we just shake our heads and start laughing uncontrollably in utter disbelief that the cocktail server didn't catch the brilliant Princess Bride reference and has no idea why she should never get involved in a land war in Asia.

We have gotten fairly used to odd looks and muttering as people pimp away. 

Usually our conversations cover a wide variety of topics:  beer, cigars, Mom, memories, stuff we never told Mom, beer, cards, the theological conflicts in the works of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, single guy stories that the married guys spit on, the latest prank we played, union issues, inept management, the various inaccuracies of the modern Bible, the taste of whisky and the taste of whiskey. BiblioWife doesn't understand why I find it hard to recall what we talked about….

Some of the best nights are when we neglect to tell people that we that we are related.  More than once I have been the recipient of an incredulous stares from nearby patrons in reaction to the continuous stream of insults, laughter, and seemingly disjointed statements.   It may be the vast multitude of inside jokes that only make sense to us:

"Ki Yaap! Pork chop!"
"Where? Where?"

Don't get it? That's because it is referencing a cartoon that we saw one night 17+ years ago.  We added a few lines and acted out the scene with such enthusiasm  and silliness that we were breathless with laughter.  It brings a smile to this day but every time we try and just isn't funny. 


Speaking to FCJ about this very topic brought to light the idea that it isn't really the topics that we stumble on, it is more the method with which we engage each other and the surrounding …. audience.  We play off each other so well that most of the time people can't tell if we are serious, joking, bullshitting, or just plain being mean.....which ads to our enjoyment.  The way we play off each other reminds me of the seamless collaborative guy lie.  Now imagine that the entire visit to the bar.


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  1. Its a complex equation, how we operate. It may be too hard to explain via online text because the subtleties of the innuendos and the nostalgia involved in most every bit of conversation can be too complex for the average person who may not even know we are brothers. Examples to come.



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