Monday, August 26, 2013

The Files

Ok, first of all, f*** you guys and your persistent insistence that I read these damn books. While I haven't actually 'read' anything but a few chapters I have delved into the amazing world that Marsters does a damn fine job of bringing to light and have enjoyed every minute of it. I have finished the fourth book and can't wait to add more witty lines to my notes: "loopier than a crochet convention"!

It gets me thinking, have you ever watched a movie or a television show that got you hooked? That drew you into the characters so well that you crushed when it ended?

I get this way sometimes, mainly with movies. It ends and I want to follow their lives for a bit longer, wrap things up more completely, get another hint of mystery or an idea of who the characters are. The cliffhangers don't get me as much as just knowing that there is more to follow, a new adventure to start, and not a lot of mingling with the unfamiliar.

I guess you guys have gotten me back into it, the whole reading thing... Hells bells, I realize I haven't read anything meaningful in over a year until this little series came and sucked me in. To be fair, thus far I have only done the audio books and a few pages of light reading in-between to keep my pride intact; in public, though, I'll say I "read" the books, air quotations or not.


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  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender. I got way too hooked on that series and was more excited than I should have been when a new episode was available. I wasn't too satisfied with the way the series ended and still want more (it felt rushed in the last couple of episodes).

    You can truthfully say that you have consumed the books. Reading isn't totally necessary.


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