Level 2. Stepped on a bear trap, got free, attempted to untrap.  Whoops......you die.

Level 1, found a box, picked the lock, triggered a trap......you die.
Move #7, dog falls into a pit. dog is killed.

Move #2, kitten steps on a trap.  A rock falls from the ceiling and hits the kitten.  The kitten is dead.

Level 1, read a scroll and was punished for my bad behavior; rewared with ball and chain.  Attempted to go down the stairs, fell and the iron ball crushed me...you die.

Level 1, kicked a sink for a while, black pudding emerged, kicked the pudding, the black pudding bites....you die

Possibly my quickest death; 103 turns.  Unknowingly stepped on a falling rock trap, left the room and then came back only to step on the same trap again…..you die.

I don’t care what the excuse is, I should never die on the first level by a sewer rat.  That is just unacceptable.


Note to self: Don’t hit Blue Jellies when I have very little HP and no cold resistance.  You are suddenly very cold…..you die

It is really quite depressing when you are killed by a falling rock trap, especially if I already knew it was there, and stepped on it twice….you die.

Just to make things clear, it’s not a good idea to kick in a locked door when you are low on health and in mine town. “Hey thief!”....the watchman hits….You die.

I survive a thrilling battle with a giant bat where my pet saves the day. To celebrate my victory I move to one space to the left where a Blue Jelly is sitting. Suddenly I am very cold. ….You die.

In the Gnomish Mines, Level 6, Exp 7 turn the corner and was hit with a Fire Horn. ….You die.

WTF is a fire horn?

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  1. I love that this is all the way at the bottom of the page like I will never find it... or so that when I find it I can say "oh hell, I should have found this before" which happens to be the case in this instance. Bastard... My favorite one so far, not from personal experience:

    ...This game I went for Sokoban and was doing quite well. Cleared out the treasure zoo and had the bag of holding. There was this nymph. I cornered her and Sokoban is a no teleport level. Then she stole all my wands and started zapping me with them. One of them was a wand of lightning...



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