Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I don't think that song means what you think it means...

I was dutifully working on my tasks, idly listening to the music that my coworker so graciously plays from her 60's style handheld radio, when The Joker is queued up.  The following exchange of messages takes place.

Captain AwesomePants: I've always loved peaches....
Stella : hhmm....
Stella : if it were anyone else making that comment I would have said, "me too! with yogurt its the best" but being that the comment came from you I'm on guard!
Captain AwesomePants: chorus
Stella : omg
Captain AwesomePants: Did you think the girl was a peach farmer?
Stella : i took it literally
Captain AwesomePants: Steve Miller just happen to be roaming around the country side
Stella : he wanted to shake her tree because she liked peaches!  maybe he was too short to pick them!

I couldn't let this go so I sent the following:
Captain AwesomePants: You are aware that Led Zeppelin wasn't actually talking about lemons when he told the girl to squeeze his lemon til the juice ran down his leg?
Stella: I had an idea.  It is Zeppelin…
Captain AwesomePants: And you are aware that Aerosmith isn't asking you to walk a particular way (a la the ministry of silly walks)* and there is no actual kitten to put in the middle….
Stella: What?
Stella: Why are you trying to ruin music for me too.

*I added that part after the fact

I'm afraid to ask but what does she think purple haze is? I sincerely hope that that she doesn't believe in the story that John Lennon wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds after seeing a child's drawing.  Even the 70s song Candyman isn't about candy….well maybe about fine sugar (and more recently about lollipops). 

She needs to be educated.  I'm afraid that if she doesn’t open her eyes she may go through life thinking that Prince's Red Corvette is actually about a car he once owned or that Peter Gabriel really likes sledgehammers….I don't even want to what she thinks Turning Japanese is about

Let the education begin...


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