Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Artificially flavored rings of sweet ecstasy...

I was trying to explain a concept to my co-worker yesterday.  At the same time I was browsing through my daily interweb readings and happened upon a picture of a baby holding a giant spoon.  Being easily distracted, I came up with the following analogy on the fly:

Imagine a baby.  Now imagine a delicious bowl of fruit loops.  The baby wants the fruit loops but the bowl is at the other end of the table and he can't reach it.  The baby REALLY wants those loops of imitation fruit . You can see it in his eyes, there is a special glint that seems to say "I'm going to get that bowl and enjoy the hell out of those rings of fruity awesomeness. "  No matter how hard he tries, he can't reach the other end of the table.  He starts to pout, cries a little, screws up is face and generally just works himself into a frenzy trying to get what he can't have.   This behavior continues until someone comes along and provides a giant spoon.   This spoon allows the baby to reach the bowl and he proceeds to shovel the colorful flavor filled sugar rings into his mouth with an almost wanton eagerness. 

It soon becomes apparent that the tool is too powerful.  The baby is starting to get sick; too many fruit flavored breakfast sugar rings at one time.  All of the sudden the baby realizes that he has reached a crossroads (this is a very advanced baby who specializes in philosophical concepts), one path will lead him to a hatred of the morning nutrition cereal due to oversaturation and constant bellyaches; the other path teaches balance and harmony.  Being a smart baby, he takes the path that teaches balance, less because of his intelligence and more because of his love for the artificially flavored rings of sweet ecstasy.  The baby has a new goal in life and learns to use the tool that he was given in order to find the perfect balance of happiness and a flavorful breakfast.   

*image stolen from the interwebs

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  1. Its like a baby's arm holding an apple...



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